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High Performance Analyzer for Versatile Uses

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Fast Data Logging Recorder

·        From ½ cycle RMS to 2-hour envelopes

·        Programmable post fault on any internal and/or external trigger condition

Waveform Capture

·        Provides simultaneous capture for all voltage and current channels with choice of sample rate, up to 256 (1024 with Transient Module). Selectable pre-fault / post-fault recording length. Disturbance capture recording up to several minutes

·        Transient capture (>78/65μs—50/60Hz)

Harmonic Analyzer

·        Total Harmonic Distortion for Voltage and Current and up to the 63rd individual harmonic for V, I, P, Q

·        Including directional power harmonics (Load or Source)

·        V-I angle, TDD and K factors

Multi-Function Power & Energy Meter

·        Real time cycle-by-cycle measurement of high accuracy, true RMS voltage, current, power, demand and energy

·        Revenue accurate meter

·        Exceeding Class 0.2S (IEC 62053-22 / ANSII C12.20)

·        Advanced Time Of Use (TOU) feature (16 Energy sources include external digital pulses, up to 4 seasons, 4 daily profiles, 8 Tariffs, flexible automatic calendar) for any complex billing scheme

·        KYZ or KY output and LED indication for calibration and test (via optional display)

·        Vector diagram and symmetrical components

Real-Time Clock & Synchronization

·        Real-Time Clock with maximum 5 seconds drift per month @ 25°C

·        Provides 1 msec time resolution via IRIG-B time code input or satellite clock for common time base (requires IRIG-B module)

·        As an SNTP client, it can accept periodic synchronization of the meter clock from an SNTP server

·        Time sync from digital input with 1ms accuracy

Wide Range Voltage Inputs

·        Three impulse galvanic isolated AC voltage inputs

·        Impulse dielectric withstand 6kV

·        Wide range application up to 828V

·        AC/DC voltage input: station battery monitoring (up to 300V DC)

Wide Range Current Inputs

·        4 dual purpose current inputs (3-phase + Neutral)—1A/5A for measurement CTs with Class 0.2S revenue grade accuracy to 10A/20A and 50A/100A (5A/HACS) for protection CTs (10/20x)

Communication Platforms

·        3 independent built-in Ports plus 3 optional:

·        IRIG-B and RS-422/485 port

·        TXFX (fiber optic)

·        2G/3G cellular modem

·        Communication Protocols:

·        Modbus RTU, ASCII, DNP 3.0,

·        Modbus/TCP, DNP3/TCP, IEC 61850 (option), IEC 60870-5-101/104 (option)

Digital & Analog I/O Options

expansion slots for a wide range of plug-in modules:

·        16 high speed digital inputs, total up to 48 DIs

·        8 dry contact relay outputs, total up to 24 ROs

·        Mixed 4 analog inputs and 4 outputs, total up to 12 AI/12AO

Logging, Recording & Programming

·        Standard onboard memory: 256 MB

·        Programmable controller: up to 64 control setpoints, up to 8 conditions OR, AND, arithmetical functions logic, extensive triggers, programmable thresholds and delays, relay control, event-driven data recording

·        8 fast waveform recorders: simultaneous 8-channel AC, one DC: up to 48 digital inputs in a single plot

·        Waveform sampling rate 32, 64, 128 or 256 samples per cycle; up to 20 pre-fault cycles (2 cycles of 1024 samples per cycle or 4 cycles with 512 samples per cycle with Transient Module)

·        Up to 3.5 min. of continuous waveform recording

·        1-ms resolution for digital inputs

·        16 fast Data Recorders (16 parameters on each data log): From ½ cycle RMS to 2 hour RMS envelopes; up to 20 pre/post-fault cycles; programmable data logs on a periodic basis and on internal or external trigger

·        32 digital internal counters

·        16 internal programmable timers (½ cycle to 24 hours)

PM180 Description Diagram