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The Total Solution for Substation Automation


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Fault Recorder

·        Up to 150A fault currents

·        Fault distance calculations

·        Up to 96 fast (1 ms) digital inputs or 16 fast (1 ms) analog inputs

·        Sequence of events with 1 ms accuracy

·        SNTP Time Synchronisation

Event/Data Log

·        Up to 57 channel simultaneous recording (8 AC, 1 VDC, and 48 digital input channels)

·        Synchronized waveforms from multiple devices in a single plot

·        Built-in 4 Mb logging memory, up to 128 Mb (option)

Multi-Tariff Revenue Meter

·        Class 0.2S Precision according to IEC 62053-22

Advanced Power Quality Analysis

·        IEC 61000-4-30 Class A power quality

·        IEEE 1159 or EN50160 power quality analysis, statistics & reports

·        Sags/swells/interruptions detection

·        Pulsed transients detection (pulse width >150 ms)

·        IEC 61000-4-7 harmonics & inter-harmonics

·        Directional power harmonics

·        IEC 61000-4-15 flicker

Control & Alarm Functions

·        32 programmable set points

·        5 slots for plug-in I/O modules

·        Up to three modules of 32-channel digital inputs

·        Up to four 48 relay outputs

·        Up to four combined 4-channel analog input/output modules (4AI and 4AO per module)

·        Up to two 8-channel fast (1 ms) analog input modules


·        Three independent serial communication ports (RS232 & RS422/485)

·        Infrared port

·        Built-in modem

·        Ethernet

·        USB port

·        Protocols: Modbus RTU & ASCII, DNP 3.0, TCP/IP

·        Optional IEC 61850 protocol

SA300 Modules

The unique modular design of the ezPAC™ SA300 ensures its adaptation to the changing needs of today and tomorrow, through a selection of numerous plug-in options for multiple customer applications.


DI 32


              Digital Inputs

RO 16


            Relay Outputs



              Mixed Analog



         Fast Analog Input

Remote Displays




               Remote Display Module



               Multi-Window Display Module