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Light workstation solution for control systems of power transmission and distribution, substations and auxillary facilities. 
SCADA NPT Compact is designed for arranging primary and backup workstations and implementation with station controller and remote control servers.

Core functions:

·        Data aggregation from microprocessor devices (IED) via communication protocols:

¾     IEC 61850-8-1 (MMS); 

¾    IEC 60870-5-104/103/101;

¾    Modbus TCP/RTU;

¾    SNMP;

¾    DNP3;

¾    other protocols.

·        Logic data processing. 

·        Data visualization. 

·        Asset management. 

·        Data backup. 

·        Collection of oscillogram charts.

Light Solution for Power System Control

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·        Modular Design: Modular architecture of SCADA NPT Compact provides easy configuration of modules for custom transformation. 

·        Cross Platform: Linux, QNX and Windows support. 

·        Light and Compact: light software and hardware requirements (from 1 microprocessor device for installation). 

·        Intuitive Settings: all-in-one configuration solution SCADA Studio: development of data structure, development of logical data processing algorithms, construction of mnemonic schemes, etc. 

·        Wide Functionality: broad range of information visualization, routine switching procedures, post-event analysis of acci-dental situations, etc. 

·        Easy Access: access via web-interface from wide variety of portable devices. 

·        Superior Security: secured versions of operating systems, authorization and identity verification provide high level of cyber security.

·        Quick Access Toolbar is used for quick change of mnemonic schemes. Toolbar is designed ad-hoc for comfortable application with touch screen.

·        Mnemonic schemes display information in graphical format. Include elements of power equipment, electrical schemes, analog and digital indicators, variety of auxiliary units, etc. 

·        Command dialog provides switching control, information on control key status, diagnostic messages. 

·        Event log displays messages about events registered in user-defined period of time. 

·        Alarm log displays messages about alarms and warnings. 

·        Trends displays temporary profiles of analog measurements. 

·        Web-interface HTML5 – based provide access to user interface from remote devices: laptops, tablet PCs and others.